About us

About us

OnyxCapital was founded by Mr. Radim Stach in 1997. From its inception till the end of 2010, OnyxCapital cooperated with European funds of Riverside as exclusive investors.

During the period of 17 years, we managed for investors acquisitions of more than €130 million in 11 companies in 6 countries across Europe.

For investors we have successfully managed 7 exists that generated over 35% IRR.

Our focus is to buy small and middle sized companies with substantial growth potential in defendable market niches.

In partnership with management, we seek to enhance their business via both organic and acquisitive growth and make them substantially larger and more profitable.

OnyxCapital has two partners in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with compounded 42 years experience in Private Equity.


Managing so far 5 acquisitions OnyxCapital has built longterm experience in the medical sector.

We do understand the industry dynamics and have access to several industry experts.

We realize the essential importance of R&D in value creation. That gives us unique expertise in growing medical companies.

However, we have also been managing acquisitions in light engineering, technochemical manufacturing etc.